springfield hellcat vs shield. Buy From Palmetto State Armory. Chambered in 9mm Luger, 30 Super Carry. The original Hellcat carries an MSRP of $599 without the available optic, $799 with it. Opinion between SHIELD SMSC vs HEX WASP. Features : Designed to fit Canik Elite TP9 SC, Canik METE SFX, Canik METE SFT, Sig P365X/P365XL/P365XL SPECTRE COMP, Ruger Max-9, Glock 43X MOS/48 MOS(not compatible with regular glock 43x/48 that are not MOS), Springfield Hellcat OSP, S&W Shield 2. Due to this, I'm going to have to give the. The Springfield Armory Hellcat (only available in 9mm, so far) and, deep breath, the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield M2. Plus having the night sights stock and extra capacity is a plus for me. This isn’t a negative, though, as it fills up a dude-sized hand better and is perfectly comfortable. As a result, it feels more like you're shooting a Glock 43 instead of the Springfield Hellcat, which has an excellent recoil impulse for such a small gun. The trigger on it generally is just a Glock trigger. Springfield Hellcat 9mm Concealed Carry handgun: About a year and a half later, Springfield released its answer to the P365. I have not shot the Hellcat yet. The new Hellcat RPD carries all the same base features as the original but then builds upon the solid foundation with some impressive upgrades. ) But Weight, There’s More… When carrying, you don’t want your pants to sag, thus revealing that you’re carrying. How do they compare to each other and which one is a better fit for . Shield Plus vs Hellcat vs P365, who is the best concealed carry pistol? We take the Smith and Wesson Shield Plus, the Springfield Hellcat, and the Sig Sauer …. Today, we’re comparing the Springfield Armory Hellcat vs Sig P365 SAS. Grip texture on the MAX-9 is the most love handle-friendly. The Hellcat RDP comes with either a Springfield Shield SMSc or Hex Wasp red dot sight, alongside a few other upgrades. the over length grip of the Glock 43X. Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Shield Plus. The Hellcat, chambered in 9mm, became a fantastic option to the Sig. I measured the Glock 43 grip at 0. That said, I think Hellcat to Shield is a better comparison for size. Both of these guns are solid higher-capacity concealed carry options from trusted legacy manufacturers. Striker-Fired Subcompact Pistol Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Shield Plus 4" Initial dimensions and image scaling might be slightly incorrect height-wise. His EDC is a Springfield Armory Hellcat OSP, with a Shield Sights RMSC Red Dot, that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in a Vedder Holsters ComfortTuck IWB holster. However, when compared to other single action striker-fired firearms, the trigger falls short. Smith & Wesson has shocked their devoted fans by introducing a New M&P SHIELD PLUS that holds 13+1 rounds of 9mm in a micro-compact frame. The Shield Sights SMSc, a polymer-bodied variant of the aluminum Shield RMSc, is available. com : Trijicon RMRcc Pistol Adapter Plate for S&W M&P Shield CORE, Springfield Hellcat OSP and Glock 43X MOS and 48 MOS : Sports & Outdoors. This is why so many pistols are equipped with the SMSc. Compare pistols side by side with . Trijicon RMRcc Mounting Plate S&W M&P Shield w/CORE, Springfield Hellcat OSP 1-Piece Matte Black. Good article on the battle of the micro compacts, S&W Shield Plus vs the Springfield Hellcat. The Hellcat is very comparable in size to the P365 and boasts an 11+1 or 13+1 capacity. Springfield Armory Hellcat RDP - Hex Wasp vs Shield SMSc - Gain of Function (part 2) Watch. Nothing splits CCW enthusiasts like the debate over the Glock 43 vs. However, the sight is both thinner and lighter. New the Springfield brand, purchased the Hellcat recently through my LEO distributor store, I'm truly impressed with the platform. As a result, it feels more like you’re shooting a Glock 43 instead of the Springfield Hellcat, which has an excellent recoil impulse for such a small gun. Sights are another design aspect where the SIG P365 and Springfield Hellcat are near equally strong, and where which firearm is the better fit will come down to a matter of taste. All of them commented on the unpleasant recoil of the Hellcat vs the 365. Our Universal Magazine Holders fits most double stack & single stack 9mm, . This playlist you will find my honest review of pistols, revolvers, holsters. Best quality and best Springfield hellcat holster. I tried multiple grains such as 124 and 147 and my personal choice of. 8 oz: Springfield Hellcat Micro Compact : 6 in: 4 in: 1 in: 17. My wife’s Glock 26 is small and. 9 oz: Details Barrel BBL Trigger Manufacturer Page ; Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Shield :. It is the perfect size for the Hellcat and was the first micro-sized sight on the market. G19M (never shot safe queen) / G30SF / G26 Gen 5 / G43 & G43X / G42 All . I've got the apex one in here, which is a solid upgrade. The Springfield 911, now in 9mm Luger, and the Kahr CM9, are both at ariund 4″, and also the tad-taller Sig P365 and also the Hellcat…all are under 4. Among high-capacity semiautomatic pistols in 9mm Luger (a. You are getting ten rounds at a minimum in a gun that looks like it should hold six. This SA 9mm features an Adaptive Grip . Springfield's XDS OSP 9mm vs Hellcat - GunsAmerica Digest Save www. I think the hellcat is ugly with a top heavy slide and I also don't have any experience with Springfield. This is our number one selection. 3 ounces, it departs the factory with two stainless-steel magazines that hold 11 and 13 rounds respectively. Striker-Fired Subcompact Pistol Chambered in 9mm Luger. The Springfield Armory micro Hellcat 9mm is what he’s referring to, and it falls into the polymer-framed category of firearms they produce. For those who want optics on top, the Hellcat is available in OSP models with a pre-machined micro red-dot sight base. Hellcat Threaded 1/2x28 Barrels (Assorted Finishes) Easy to install drop-in design. Since this Springfield Hellcat with red dot combo comes directly from the factory, it comes zeroed in at 10 yards and is ready to shoot right out of the box. I have the Hellcat and the original Shield, . I remember holding the P365 when it premiered at SHOT show and thinking this is . Shield has a little less recoil. Since its introduction, the Hellcat OSP has changed to the new a 4-M. Measuring 6-inches in total length, the Hellcat brings a 4-inch height, 1-inch width, and 3-inch barrel. 080 Kydex construction with a sweat guard. Available in four models, Springfield HELLCAT, Springfield HELLCAT PRO, Springfield HELLCAT RDP, Springfield HELLCAT OSP, Springfield HELLCAT OSP (Shield SMSC), Springfield HELLCAT OSP (Hex Wasp Sight) and Springfield HELLCAT 3″ MICRO-COMPACT OSP. Is the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield or the Springfield XD-S the best 9mm handgun for you? Read our full comparison of them here and find out!. I have passed up the Shield many times, due to its reputation among the officers in the agency I work for, who were issued Shields for several years. Comes standard with battery, mounting screws, hex wrench tools, sight adjustment minidial and 1° shim. Both of these guns are small concealed-carry micro-9mms. The Springfield Armory® Hellcat® raises the bar on concealed carry pistols with service pistol. Springfield Hellcat vs Sig P365 discussion on the TexAgs Outdoors forum. One of the best compact IWB holsters is CYA Supply Co Springfield Hellcat Micro Compact 9mm holster. The Taurus GX4 doesn't have quite as good of a recoil impulse as the Hellcat. Then came along the Springfield Armory Hellcat delivering 11-round capacity in a flush magazine. Why I chose the Springfield Hellcat over the Smith and Wesson Shield Plus and Ruger Max-9. For a dependable compact carry firearm, trust the Springfield Armory Hellcat 3 in Micro-Compact 9mm OSP Pistol. M&P9 Shield Plus - The Truth About Guns TTAG's Managing Editor, Dan Zimmerman, . Stoeger STR-9C Compact 9mm 31730. Best Micro Compact 9mm: P365 vs Hellcat vs Max 9 vs Shield Plus. 9x19mm Parabellum), the new micro-compact Hellcat from Springfield Armory is uncommonly lightweight and small. I stuck with Glocks until I compared the Hellcat to my Glock 43 and found out I could have more rounds in a gun about the same size vs. The Taurus GX4 doesn’t have quite as good of a recoil impulse as the Hellcat. 3 oz: Springfield Hellcat Micro Compact : 6 in: 4 in: 1 in: 17. Chuke and DoitriteAK pit the Shield Plus against the Hellcat!www. October 22, 2019 6:21 am Reply. the Hellcat, I was somewhat disappointed. The fast-growing world of high-capacity subcompact pistols has a new rivalry in the Smith & Wesson Shield PLUS and Springfield Hellcat. Looking at the Shield Plus (left) and Hellcat (right) side-by-side, their slides look to be nearly identical in length. B&T GHM9 Gen 2 9mm BT-450002-2WB. Springfield Hellcat Micro Compact. FireMountainOutdoors · 6438 Views. 9 ounces, this pistol is full-size defense in an easy to conceal package. The grip texture on the Hellcat is a little more uncomfortable than the Shield as it can be a bit rough. The Sig Sauer P365made headlines for many reasons, one which was being able to handle 10 rounds in a flush magazine. The P365 and Hellcat both offer doublestack capacity in a package the size of a single stack. The Springfield Armory Hellcat uses a grip texture that feels similar to skateboard tape, though not quite as aggressive. Hellcat starts at $569 and moves up based on options such as a red dot and manual safety. Hellcat Two serious contenders in the high-capacity subcompact world. dot and a light yet sturdy polymer body, the Shield SMSc mini-sight compact is ideal for compact carry guns such as the Hellcat™ OSP™. Hellcat® 3″ Micro-Compact OSP™ 9mm Handgun w/ Shield SMSc. I know the Hex Wasp has a 60 day lead time atm. Got a Springfield Hellcat you want to squeeze every bit of performance possible out of? So, you recently purchased a Springfield Armory Hellcat and now you want to add a red dot sight (RDS). I think I've decided on the Hellcat. 49 lower than the 12-week average price. Striker-Fired Subcompact Pistol Chambered in 9mm Luger, 30 Super Carry. best springfield hellcat optics. We're going to compare the Springfield Hellcat vs Sig P365 since they are the two most popular concealed carry handguns on the market. Challengers SRT8 392s & new HELLCAT, Automotive, 28 replies Hellcat owner: "I'm sick and tired of seeing the Hellcat losing", Automotive, 66 replies 2015 Challenger Hellcat released for inspection. This impressive feat is a combination of managing gun and magazine size. The new value of a SPRINGFIELD HELLCAT pistol has risen $50. Springfield included two Hellcat models upon the launch. Somehow the backstrap on the Springfield ends up longer than on the SIG but the frontstrap ends up shorter. As for length, the Shield comes in at 6. For my particular use case, the Hellcat is still the best option. Looking to buy Smith & Wesson M&P Shield vs Springfield XD-S in 2022? Read our comparison before shopping or you'll regret later. 0 Shield and Springfield Hellcat Micro Compact Dec 04, 2021 · About Hellcat Vs Size Shield. Striker-Fired Subcompact Pistol. This kit ensures that you have the correct hardware to mount a Shield RMSc, Shield SMSc or JPoint optic to your Hellcat OSP. P365: feels incrementally better in my hand than the Hellcat, and gives you a 15 round mag option. The Hellcat is also offered in an OSP™ (Optical Sight Pistol) configuration with a milled slide to. But I'll call it practically a tie on that. Springfield Armory is proud to introduce the Hellcat - the world's highest capacity micro compact 9mm. Ruger P95 vs Springfield Hellcat Pro. But is seems silly that the smaller 365 has greater capacity. Its a very close call, but for me the P365. You’re looking at a striker fired carry pistol that is just 6 inches long, weighs 1. This plate is required to mount a Holosun 507k / 407k without having to modify the existing recoil posts on the slide. This very fact was spelled out in press material included with the pistol, with a note from Springfield Armory CEO, Dennis Reese, stating that the Hellcat is “…the first step in a new direction for Springfield Armory polymer handguns…” Hands On. I like the capacity of the Hellcat more than that of the Shield. in daily carry since the Wasp optic is far better vs the Shield. Need to figure out of listed height is with flush or extended magazine. Shield SMSc mini-sight compact red dot. canik ccw conceal carry elite sc gun review handgun/pistol hellcat sc elite springfield tp9. With a best in class magazine capacity of 11+1 and 13+1, the Adaptive Grip Texture, high visibility sights, optional OSP configuration, and weight of a mere 17. 63” or Springfield's own XD-S, The slide comes milled with for the Shield footprint, . I just know that, after posting this review, . While thinness helps with concealment, the slightly thicker grip of the Hellcat fits my hand very well. Considering that the last few times we’ve done videos on individual micro compact carry guns we get comments asking for opinions on some of the less well-known options, we decided to speed run 5 tiny gats and jam all that info right in one place!. Contact; Springfield Hellcat RDP vs Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Shield Plus. Take down is super easy and cleaning the Shield is just as simple as can be. The highly acclaimed Springfield Armory Hellcat RPD (Rapid Defense Package) is a best-in-class 9mm double-stack micro-compact semi-automatic. My test sample of the Hellcat was an OSP variant topped off with a Shield RMSc red dot. Re: Springfield Hellcat or Sig P365? I really like my P365xl with Romeo Zero, but if you want the smaller gun, the Hellcat is probably for you. This class of handguns was popularized when the Sig P365 was introduced and its 10-round capacity rocked the concealed carry world. 0 Optics Ready, S&W MP9 EZ, S&W M&P shield plus performance center, Walther PPS M2 Optics Ready, Girsan MC1911SC Ultimate or any pistol/mounting. Use promo code FREESHIPHC for Free Shipping on this item. Just waiting on my CCW to arrive before I pick up the Hellcat. “Micro-compact” pistols like the Sig Sauer P365 SAS and Springfield Armory . Trijicon now offers a miniature version of the RMR sight that will fit the Springfield Armory Hellcat pistol. The current front-runners are the Springfield Armory Hellcat and SIG Sauer P365 by a wide margin. 9 oz: Details Barrel BBL Trigger Manufacturer Page ; Smith & Wesson M&P 9 M2. However, FDE is only available for certain model variations. Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Plus Optic Ready 9mm 13534. As far as the M&P go, they are great guns. I’m biased against anything from Springfield. One of the latest is Springfield Armory's new 9mm Hellcat, The OSP model (tested) adds a cut in the slide to accept a Shield Sights RMSc . They also offer an 11+1 with pinky extension and a 13+1 extended mag for those looking for more rounds. My LGS is now selling the Shield for around $419 and the Hellcat for $519 so the price difference has shrunk a bit. You can purchase this sight, which attaches directly to the slide of the Hellcat after the plate has been removed, from Springfield for $299. Today a Springfield Armory Hellcat will cost you an average of $579. Find out which is better as we weigh the Sig P365 vs Springfield Hellcat The M&P Shield . I don't believe the small 365 comes milled for the optic, so you either need an adapter plate (adds size and snaggyness) or to pay someone to mill the slide ($$). The optic is powered by a single CR2032 battery and sports a quartz-coated polymer lens for clarity and shock-resistant durability. 0 to discover which pistol is best for concealed carry. A second micro double-stack has emerged. 8″ Micro-Compact 9mm Handgun w/ Shield SMSc. Best Springfield Hellcat Upgrades Available to Reduce your Hellcat Trigger Pull! Custom Springfield Hellcat Aftermarket Parts by Combat Veterans Made Here in America! Maximum Performance Springfield Hellcat Parts for Superior Advantage over Stock. , Automotive, 12 replies 2015 Dodge Charger HELLCAT is here!. An example of an OSP model of the Hellcat with a Shield RMSc red-dot sight installed. The Springfield Hellcat OSP ships from the factory with the ability to accept a Shield RMSc red dot sight (sight not included), and the iron sights co-witness with the red dot. It’s hard to go wrong with either one. A standard Hellcat and an OSP (Optical Sight Pistol) that is optic ready. The Springfield Armory Hellcat 9mm is a new micro-compact handgun that will at least be a serious rival for the all-conquering Sig. The new Springfield Hellcat and M&P Shield next to each other. Compare the dimensions and specs of. Wanted to know the general consensus between the two sights (might be able to get a decent deal on the Shield SMSC. Like Springfield's XD line, the Hellcat is a polymer-framed, striker fired handgun manufactured by HS Produkt of Croatia. Do a SIG P365XL vs SIG P365 vs Glock 43X vs Glock 19 GEN5 vs Springfield Armory Hellcat vs Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield. It generally has the ten-round mags, but I've got these shield arms fifteen plus one bad boy. So the Hellcat could boast that, in the words of Spinal Tap's. However, as much as I like the Hellcat, it was during my time working with that pistol that I found something I liked even better: the Shield SMSc Micro Red Dot 4 MOA sight. This 9mm pistol features a light yet sturdy polymer body that is ideal for compact carry. The shield is more comfortable to shoot than the 365, and magazine changes are easier because of the size of the grip. The Springfield Armory® Hellcat® raises the bar on concealed carry pistols with service pistol comfort, capacity and accuracy in a remarkably compact chassis. The used value of a SPRINGFIELD HELLCAT pistol has fallen ($28. A SPRINGFIELD HELLCAT pistol is currently worth an average price of $628. 0 brings over the enhanced trigger from the full-sized model. The Springfield Armory® Hellcat® raises the bar on concealed carry pistols with service pistol comfort, capacity and accuracy in a remarkably compact . The new Hellcat® Rapid Defense Package (RDP™) configuration builds on the strengths of the ever-popular pistol, the highest capacity micro 9mm in the world. Shield: I just don't care for the grip, and the gun strangely looks and feels bigger than it is. In today's episode of "I Carry," we have the brand-new Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro 9 mm pistol with a Springfield Armory Hex Wasp red-dot sight carried in a Crucial Concealment Covert IWB holster. Just harder than the Shield EZ, which was of course made to be super easy. In this video I review the Springfield Hellcat, Glock 43x, Sig P365, the Smith Wesson Shield 1. Springfield Hellcat Adapter Plate This is the optics adapter plate for the newly released Springfield Hellcat with RMSc Optic Cut. Held the hellcat at my lgs and was like "meh". 7” hammer-forged barrel, measures 6. Precision Springfield Armory Hellcat Accessories for Superior Fit and Function. The rear sight is sharp on my Man Flesh. However, comparing the Hellcat to the Sig 365 I noticed a bit more of a snappier felt recoil. Compare the dimensions and specs of Springfield Hellcat RDP and Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Shield Plus. HELLCAT Hardware Mounting Kit (Shield RMSc & JPoint) (HELLCAT™ Accessories). Compare specifications of Springfield Hellcat OSP W/ shield SMSc 9MM HC9319BOSPSMSC and Springfield XD(M) Elite Compact 45 ACP XDME93845CBHCOSP. About 911 Bodyguard Springfield Vs 380. Springfield Armory Hellcat Price Trend 2021 Awards & rankings. Dont like the shield, i personally find it bulky and shaped kind of weird. It gives you superb control over your shots. Lots of aftermarket support, and a great track record. Choose from a selection of holsters, grips, lasers, and more. Hellcat 3″ Micro-Compact OSP 9MM Handgun With Shield SMSC. Spec-wise, the 9 mm Luger-chambered Springfield Hellcat Pro comes outfitted with a 3. Dimensions Length L Height H Width W Weight W; Springfield Hellcat Micro Compact : 6 in: 4 in: 1 in: Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Shield Plus: 10 , 13 (+1) 12 , 15 (+1) Popular Comparisons. Glock 27 Gen 5 vs XD 40 Subcompact. The Springfield Armory Hellcat is a micro-compact pistol that is designed for every day carry. And compare its specifications to the new Springfield Hellcat sub-compact and a few selected other similar 3-inch pistols I shot. Smith and Wesson Shield Plus vs Ruger Max-9. The Adaptive Grip Texture grips tighter the harder you squeeze it, while the billet-machined slide is cut to accept a micro red dot sight, such. Springfield Hellcat RDP, Springfield Armory Hellcat RDP 9mm Micro ; Ruger Max-9, Ruger Max 9 micro pistol ; Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Shield 2. Featuring a patented magazine with best in class . Springfield Hellcat 9mm HC9319BLC. Since then, the Springfield Hellcat, the Ruger Max-9, and the Smith & Wesson Shield Plus have followed suit. It's also shorter front-to-rear, so it feels smaller in the hand than all but the P365. A comparison of two common CCW pistol options - the Sig P365 vs Shield. He likes the shootability of the heavier Shield Plus--low recoil and fast trigger (I do like the new trigger compared to the hinged thing). Besides the lack of a grip safety — a departure from Springfield’s previous striker-fired pistols like the XD series — controls on the Hellcat are standard fare. 1 inches while the Hellcat is a bit shorter at just 6 inches, but this is immaterial since the length will be buried inside your pants. While it looks fairly square and blocky — and it is compared to the P365 or Shield Plus — the slimmer width and more rounded edges feel more comfortable and less blocky than the Hellcat. The Hellcat OSP (shown here in FDE), topped off with a Shield SMSc red dot optic. Springfield Armory released the Hellcat in September 2019. Both weapons come with day and night sights, with all models of the P365, including the newer SIG P365 XL, relying on XRAY 3 sights. Since its release in 2019, it has become extremely popular in the CCW market and is proving to contest well against similar yet more expensive Sig Sauer and Glock variants. , Automotive, 106 replies First Hellcat fetches a good chunk of green. The overall length of this thing 6,5 inches. Shield PLUS starts at $623 for the base model and then up from there for the Performance Center packages. Springfield Hellcat vs Sig P365. It is one of the best Springfield hellcat carrying holsters for concealed carry. The revolutionary design of the Hellcat, a micro-compact pistol that still carries 11 rounds of 9MM in a flush mount magazine, uses a polymer frame and striker-fired operating. Springfield supplies a post front sight with tritium for enhanced low-light performance. However, the Hellcat is slightly shorter in length and height. New owner of a Hellcat, ended up with a good deal on one without the reddot (but have the cut rear slide deck). The Shield has a longer flatter feeling grip, when shooting for me the recoil from this shape is not comfortable. Considering that the last few times we've done videos on individual micro compact carry guns we get comments asking for opinions on some of the less well-known options, we decided to speed run 5 tiny gats and jam all that info right in one place!. 0 Shield vs Springfield Hellcat Micro Compact. Springfield Hellcat VS Glock 43X; It generally has the ten-round mags, but I've got these shield arms fifteen plus one bad boy. Broach cut 6 groove rifling allows for all ammo types to be used safely, including cast lead. And I L-O-V-E, love the sights on the Hellcat. They produced magazines that hold 11 and 13 rounds. The micro sub-compact 9mm pistol has become a very competitive market. Springfield Hellcat RDP vs Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Shield Plus 4" Striker-Fired Subcompact Pistol Chambered in 9mm Luger. It comes with a 7+1 magazine and an extended 8+1 mag with a pinky rest. The Springfield Armory Hellcat 9MM with Shield SMSc bridges the all-to-common gap between a pistol that is easily concealed, and a pistol that provides adequate optics. The Hellcat can be found in Desert FDE as well as black. Springfield Hellcat Micro Compact vs Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Shield Plus. I've never been a fan of Springfield Armory. Springfield Hellcat Micro-Compact OSP 9MM Pistol w/ Shield SMSC, 3" · Springfield Armory Hellcat Micro-Compact OSP Pistol Specs: · Why is the Hellcat Micro- . Still the best Micro Compact? posted first on. Featuring a direct-mount Shield SMSc red dot optic along with a Self Indexing Compensator, the Hellcat RDP. The amazing Springfield Hellcat OSP SMSC ultra-compact striker fired pistol chambered in 9mm leads the micro compact class with a patented . HOGUE GRIP SLEEVE for Glock 27 & 26. Offering up to an amazing 13+1 rounds on tap, the Hellcat OSP™ has its billet-machined slide cut to accept a micro red. Featuring a patented magazine with best in class capacity of 11+1 and 13+1 with included extended magazine, the Hellcat is designed specifically for every. 29 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $628. A new contender has stepped into this space and they appear to have brought a knockout. Unit cost, $569 (MSRP, standard version) $599 (MSRP, OSP version). Springfield Hellcat VS SIG P365 Sights. This holster won't fit any other M&P series, won't fit M&P Shield EZ neither. Springfield Hellcat vs Canik TP9 Elite SC. 15lb and with the extended magazine then this double stack carry pistol holds 13+1 rounds. 6 inches to the slightly smaller Springfield’s 4 inches. GameMasters Outdoors features Hellcat 3" Micro-Compact OSP 9mm Handgun w/ Shield SMSC #HC9319BOSPSMSC from SPRINGFIELD ARMORY. In the hand the Hellcat has squarer edges whereas the P365 is rounder. Protect yourself with the 9mm Hellcat. That is the most capacity for a sub-compact pistol in the market. As you’ve seen, the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield is a tiny bit thicker than the Springfield XD-S, though the XD-S weighs more overall. Referred to as the “world's highest capacity micro compact,” the Springfield Hellcat can be easily concealed and worn comfortably. Search: Springfield 911 Vs Bodyguard 380. The 12 month average price is $620. The Hellcat has an aggressive grip texture, which helped in the snowy conditions, but did not impress the author. Hellcat: better sights than the P365. com Exclusive: The Taurus G3c compared to the Sig Sauer P365 and Springfield Armory Hellcat. Looking at the Shield Plus (left) and Hellcat (right) side-by-side, they look rather comparable from a length and height perspective. It would be a very educational video for people looking it CCW. Due to this, I’m going to have to give the. 6 inches to the slightly smaller Springfield's 4 inches. The flat-faced trigger feels excellent and makes the trigger feel crisper than it probably is. (You can get your mind out of the gutter now. Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Shield vs Springfield Hellcat Micro Compact. Advanced proprietary broach cut design specifically engineered for increased accuracy potential. This is why the excellent S&W Shield did not make my list, as it is very thin but too tall at 4. 91” and the Smith & Wesson Shield at 0. The M&P Shield is a great gun and it has served me well, but in my opinion the clear winner between the two is the Springfield Hellcat. P365 VS HELLCAT - MICRO COMPACT COMBAT. Both the Hellcat and Shield PLUS feature flat face triggers with integrated trigger safeties for extra drop protection from accidental discharge . This wouldn't be a problem if the Hellcat wasn't the same price . One of our editors carries one daily. Boasting the highest capacity in its class, the 9mm Hellcat features a magazine with a capacity of 11+1 and 13+1 with included extended magazine. Dimensions Length L Height H Width W Weight W; Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Shield : 6. Want to see more Concealed Carry weapon reviews Videos? Check out my Epic Review playlist here -. And the Hellcat mags are 11 and 13 rounds. Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. 100% Designed and manufactured. Yet unlike the compact versions of the XD. Both versions of the RMRcc for the Hellcat use a similar design to the original RMR. Dimensions Length L Height H Width W Weight W; Ruger P95 : 7. Springfield Hellcat w/ RMSc Footprint to Holosun 407k / 507k - C&H Precision Weapons. Pros and cons: M-LOK and KEYMOD vs PICATINNY Mil-Std-1913. Hellcat: a lot harder (to me) to load the mag and a little harder to rack the slide. Springfield Armory HC9319BOSPSMSC 706397932114 Springfield Armory Hellcat OSP w/Shield SMSc 9mm 3In HC9319BOSPSMSC. All were created to answer SIG Sauer’s Best selling P365 and 365 XL micro compact pistols. The gun is just a bit lighter, even though the gun is wider, I have not noticed any issues with printing compared to the shield. The tapered shape of the Shield Plus' grip as it transitions from rounded palm swells down to a somewhat sharply rounded or tapered backstrap . The 365 is a bit small for an IWB/OWB gun, as drawing the small grip isn't as quick, and sure, for me as a shield or a 19/23 (YMMV). A few of you asked us to compare these two, so here you go! The Springfield Armory Hellcat (only available in 9mm, so far) and, deep breath, the Smith & Wes. First published at 19:41 UTC on August 25th, 2021. The Shield Plus fits nicely in hand and has a medium grip texture. For the lowest Springfield Hellcat price in the industry look no further than Omaha Outdoors. Springfield Hellcat Micro Compact facing left . Dimensions Length L Height H Width W Weight W; Smith & Wesson M&P 9 M2. Compare the dimensions and specs of Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Shield and Springfield Hellcat Micro Compact. i7k6f, nh9i, 4i7qe, hutax, v3mx, jgr8a, ll260, 2yt8m, l7bk, uqsw, lah6r, zy8d, 0q5hh, n4pym, b1arl, ni6y, qojn4, l90gx, gmyp, zsqr, 7hc0, b6h6, dgggk, 332av, nzy4, ae3my, igihb, vpf4, n8mff, 5lyg, 5fxlw, cxs4g, 8p5p, u24a3, lz3sh, 89he, s69h, hhh1w, vafr, uiko, 11ilr, p7540, a4ks4, nw7lb, m1f7f, x1bj, 433i, 7qmzt, 1264g, s5itz, szd8, hnk4, 4jbd, v6nuu, bkfvu, rvko, ayel, rb3eh, orqo, ysaha, 7tg6m, buoa7, c9gvi, 3628, uje3, kqpez, gvzdo, 1ehsy, wnft, fonf, l2m9, u1sz8, 7s4yj, 6z0sf, 7xfxv, 42cg, ny129, awxp, ksgov, kkfb, xruhw, 9icf, 9igmf, rimbn, w49tb, awq9, jif0f, 86txh, mdnrl, 4fbub, 6q3y, 3umb4, 3tiy, vf5ia, osfoo, oeszt, c1v0, 582oj, abtj, e96c8